First things first

First things first

Good day my mom-gglers (sounds better in my head than outloud 🤣) ,

Let’s start off with this morning has been long & it’s only 8:56am. My 3 month old has barely slept a wink. I’ve been up every hour since 12am. The hubby works like a dog, so I feel terrible if I would ask him to wake up to put her back to sleep. My mommy intuitions are telling me her gums are bothering her 😥. It’s just one of those things you can’t really do much about but to comfort.

Some people might see the “comfort” you give your newborn as “spoiling”; constantly telling you “you’re holding the baby too much. You’re going to get her used to being held…” I personally do NOT mind spoiling my baby girl. They need to feel safe in your arms. There’s no better feeling in this world that to hold your baby & have them smile at you for NO reason. It’s like a warmth inside of me that makes me feel like I’m doing something right.

When all things seem to be a little chaotic, your kids know how to make you just relax & not take things too seriously. Life is all about ups & downs & the kids always have an innocent way to just make life happen.

My toddler is literally a walk, talking, middle finger. She just blurts things out & her energy is just phenomenal! I’d have to say that when I had just had Bella (the now 3 year old) everything was out of order, I didn’t have time for myself, didn’t know ANYTHING about what I was doing. I had a difficult time with a lot & I really don’t know why? Maybe it was PPD? Maybe is was lack of experience with children- but whatever it was, it made life HARD.

When I found out I was pregnant with my 2nd child, I didn’t remember all the hard times I had with the baby. All I thought about was, another blessing is about to come my way; as the days got closer & closer to meeting my littlest one, my mind started to panic, “how am I going to do anything? This house is going to be turned upside down! How would I do it with a newborn & Bella?!…”

& to my surprise, it’s actually been really easy. Bella is an amazing big sister, Abby is a normal newborn & I sometimes find myself wondering, “why was it a difficult with just ONE?” I literally have time to clean, wash clothe, get myself dressed & looking proper & get both girls dressed! NOW, I’m not saying it cup cakes & rainbows while all this is being done, I’m just saying that it’s not as difficult as I thought it’ll be 🤣.

Don’t lose confidence in yourself. A happy mom makes happy kids, which in return makes a happy life.



Happiest of birthdays to my amazing hubby. He makes it so easy to love someone. As this year we aren’t able to celebrate as I wish we could for him, I know he’s grateful for the gift of life, the gift of his daughter & the gift to be able to have Bella. As he isn’t biologically her father, he literally does more than any man can ever do for her. His heart of Gold deserves nothing but positive vibes on his day.

Thank you momma in law for raising such an amazing man. A man who knows how to treat his woman the right way. Year round he makes sure we are good, today, I will make sure you’re taken care of in whatever way you’d like. I’d do anything just to see that smile on your face.

I love you baby.